Escape from Scorpion Island (Series 4)Edit

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Escape from Scorpion Island
Format Children's

Entertainment Game show

Created by CBBC
Presented by Myleene Klass and

Johnny Pitts

Country of origin United Kingdom
Location(s) Tallebudgera Valley, secret location, Australia
Original channel CBBC (UK)

ABC3 (Australia)

Preceded by Escape from Scorpion Island (Series 3)
Escape from Scorpion Island is a British Academy of Film and Television Arts-nominated BBC children's TV adventure game show in which contestants compete to "escape from an exotic island". Series 4 was produced by Foundation/Freehand for CBBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Series 4 is currently being filmed in the Tallebudgera Valley in Queensland, Australia. It will air on CBBC in the U.K. ,in early August 2010. and on ABC3 in Australia in late 2010. J.K. and Joel are unable to return as hosts due to work commitments at Radio Aire, and will be replaced by Myleene Klass and Johnny Pitts.


[hide]*1 Contestants


There will be 4 teams, each with 6 contestants, summing to 24 adventurers; 16 from the U.K., and 8 from Australia.
  • Team Claw (Black helmets)
  • Team Sting (Orange helmets)
  • Team Venom (Green helmets)
  • Team Fang (Pale Blue helmets)

[edit]Gaming ElementsEdit

  • The First Round of the challenges are similar to the Limbo Challenge from Series 2 and the Eliminator from Series 3. The team that come first and the previous day's winner of the Second Round will move onto the Second Round of the challenge.
  • The Second Round of the challenges are similar to Ultimate Jeopardy from Series 2 and Double Jeopardy from Series 3. The team that comes first will gain a prize which is one piece of equipment for a hot-air balloon and bypass the First Round of the next challenge.
  • The Island Fire will also be appearing.

[edit]List of challengesEdit

The challenges that will be appearing this series include:
  • "Keep it Steady": Similar to "One False Move" from Series 2. All is the same except that 7 points are need to win. It will be on Day 3.
  • "Extreme Diving": The teams must dive off the Shattered Skull at Scorpion Bay and dive for their team coloured treasure chest; inside the chest is a shiny skull that floats. The team that opens their chest with the golden skull first wins. It will be on Day 5.
  • "High Wire Scramble": Similar to "High Risk High Wire" from Series 3. It will be on Day 6
  • "Bungee Fishing": The teams must bungee jump off Skeleton Falls and grab yellow fish. They have 5 seconds go throw it into the container. 1 point for every fish fish tossed into the container and one point lost for every non-yellow fish tossed into the container. The Team that gets the most points at the end of 2 minutes wins. It will be on Day 8.
  • "Puzzled": A challenge similar to "Stretched to the Limit" from Series 2. The teams grab four giant puzzle pieces from the shore and place them on a pontoon. It will be on Day 9.
  • "Revving Rage": A challenge similar to "Reckless Rally" from Series 2 and "Wheelspin" from Series 3. The Teams must drive round a twisty terrain course to knock a skull off a boulder. The Buggy has only 5 minute Fuel. If they knock a skull off a post it's a 10 second penalty. The Team that takes the course in the quickest time or gets the furthest without running out of fuel wins. It will be on Day 11.
  • "Croc Scramble": This challenge is where the teams must get to the pontoon in the centre of Crocodile Lagoon while avoiding crocodiles. It will be on Day 12.
  • "Lift Off": This will be on Day 15. It is like "Daredevil Drop" from Series 3. The teams must climb up a rope to get a hot air balloon in the air which will take them home. The team that gets to the top must get the rope that their rival teams are climbing to send them back to the island and let their team mates up to the balloon. The teams falling back to Scorpion Island must put their parachutes up. As for the teams that didn't get to the balloon, they will get a second chance in the next round.